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Are you looking for a job but you can't find?, Or you have a job, but the income from this job isn't enough for you, and you need more income in order to cover your expenses in your life?

Sure... your problem is solved with the "Snabbt" now because you can work in it as an additional job besides your official job, and you can work in it And it helps you earn satisfying amounts. If you want it to be your only business. And you can work in it anytime and anywhere you like, at night or during the day, at dawn times, or even all day, and you can work in it from anywhere, it is not necessary for a specific city. You can set prices for delivery offers to customers, the amounts that suit you, flexible dealings, no restrictions, freedom to move and act, working time is at your convenience and you are the one you specify.

Laws and responsibilities

  • The delegate must be of good conduct and have not been convicted of a crime involving dishonor or dishonesty, unless he has been rehabilitated.
  • Put the double name with the delegate’s personal photo.
  • The representative must operate the mobile registered in "Snabbt" if the application is accepted.
  • Not to smoke in the car during delivery to avoid spoiling the order, and in the event that the request is spoiled due to a mistake on the part of the representative, he will not be compensated for the delivery value and he is not entitled to claim any compensation.
  • The request prohibits the customer from communicating through "WhatsApp" or other means of communication, and suffices with the application of "Snabbt", through which it is possible to request the customer's site and communicate with him quickly and safely.
  • The representative must introduce himself when calling and communicating with the customer in the following way: Hej this is (so and so) the orders delivery delegate from "Snabbt", then provide him with the details of the order.

The requirements for working at "Snabbt" Company are

  • Swedish ID and Social Security Number / Coordination Number.
  • Documents showing that you have the right to reside and work in Sweden.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • Motorcycle, motorbike or car.
  • A driver's license valid for the first or second category.
  • Traffic insurance valid.
  • When applying. In the registration form, select "cycling" as the mode of transportation.

The benefits

  • A 20% commission is calculated from the Delivery delegate fee for each delivery in order in "Snabbt", and 80% is deducted to the delegate.
  • Financial and moral incentives.
  • In the event that the representative is of good conduct and has a good file and positive and high evaluations, the representative will be contracted in the future to become an official employee of the Snapt company, and an excellent monthly salary will be calculated for him.

Do you think you are the suitable person for this job work?

If I see that you are the right person for the job, and you think that most of the requirements are available to you, and you would like to join "Snabbt" team for delivery, we would certainly welcome you. Your profile and click on join our agents, fill in the application and send it, and we will review and verify your information and send you the response if it is approved or rejected, or you can contact us on the jobs email , and if you have any question or inquiry regarding registration, contact us through the contact page With us , or by "Snabbt" WhatsApp: 0790202092.