Why SnabbtApp?

Deliver goods from anywhere and anytime. Do you want something from the supermarket, restaurant or cafe. Send your order and you will get many offers from different messengers. Then you accept and follow your order. You can also place your order from anywhere on the map. Start now and check out the wonderful SnabbtApp.

Multiple payment methods

We have multiple payment options according to your capabilities. we mean, you can pay with the card? Sure, you can order now and pay cash after delivery your order when it brings you to your door, or you have a card, sure, you pay by Credit card, Or through the Swish service or by invoice letter. Your experience with us is sure to make you feel satisfied, safe and enjoyable.

Direct talks

Firstly, agreeing with the Delegate and make ensuring the clarity of the request, while preserving privacy and security.


You can view the ratings of the service providers .. in addition to their evaluation after the completion of your service.








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